Sholex Group, Sholex UPS/SOLAR Company is a private limited company with registered office at Bangalore is active in the field of electronics, electrical products manufacturing and renewable Solar Energy segment.

Sholex UPS/SOLAR Company is the company active in the segment of SSI (Small Scale Industries) and SME’s and Main activity is in the field of  total power solutions, total solar-projects, total water technology, products manufacturing, trading, errrection, commissioning, developing, marketing, training for  power soution, solar projects, water technology and as per government norm certification are like  ISI, ISO,TIN,CST, GST, TM, registration, pollution board, labour certificates, company registration quality monitoring , total power/total solar/total water technology and renewable Solar Energy segment,ect works we take care. We have very large base of marketing networks in South region extend to  all over India ,and other countries as well. Manufacturing, Trading, Export, Import, Job Contract work of Government and private sector in all types of Electronics, Electrical products & Industries.

Major Focus is on Solar Power Plant installation, Operation, Maintenance of Existing Power plant, Solar Panel Manufacturing, Solar power generating Equipment manufacturing and R&D.

Small & medium scale industry set up in almost every Fast moving consumer durables (FMCD) product category.

We have very large base of marketing networks in Eastern region and South region. Very soon we are expanding to other regions.

In export Front we are expanding to the Regions like Mangalore, Tumkur, Mysuru, Mandya, Husur and other districts of Karnataka, AndraPradesh and Tamil Nadu. Soon we will expand to other African and states of India.

Continuously to upgrade our Manufacturing base, Products profile, Technical know-how, we also import machinery, Technical know-how, ready to use finished products and components to make the products manufactured by us World Class.

Along with manufacturing world class products we also stand strong with superior Service Network among many of our competitors. We have a separate Service division with own call centers numbers to Cater to our Customers Service and Maintenance needs.

We believe in Co-operation not competition.

We have 5 divisions for our smooth operation of our organization.

  1. Manufacturing and Service
  2. Logistic and Transport
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Accounts and Stocks
  5. Human Resource and General Administration.

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