Solar Hybrid ISP-CU-CU

Sun is the only natural and cleanest form of energy source available in abundant which is available at free of cost. As per a report, one hour of sun energy is sufficient to fulfill the requirement of the  entire world for one year. By switching over to solar power, we show our commitment towards maintaining and passing on a greener planet earth to our next generation and doing our bit to save our lovely and beautiful planet against global warming.

WHAT IS THE ROLE OF MAYUKA IN GREEN REVOLUTION: with continuous research and technological advances, mayuka solar UPS with artificial intelligence aims to provide fool proof solar solutions at an affordable price.

Solar Hybrid ISP-CU-CU

Load Sharing : 
Power sharing catering to the load is configured with solar power as the primary source, secondary
source as battery bank and grid with the third source or vice versa with battery & grid.

Charge Controller Design : 
Intelligent MSP super charger with high efficiency while charging  from grid and MPPT/PWM/ Heavy duty float charger’s used while charging from solar panels.

Inverter Design:
Efficiency plays a major factor for solar operations, so we use a very high efficiency DSP based PWM technology to utilize maximum solar energy  without  much losses.

Phase wise Upgradation : 
Initially solar panels can be purchased only to charge the battery bank, gradually the solar panels can be upgraded to cater the entire load.

Intelligent solar power conditioning unit which keeps track on all parameters and ensures  maximum utilization of solar power by  automatically transferring the load to solar,  battery(discharges only 50% during power sharing & stores remaining during solar & power failure) and grid without manual operation.