Sholex Sine Wave UPS systems are technologically superior and can be called true inteligent UPS because of  its advanced features which will give more than expected.

As a quality conscious company, each and every component used in the manufacture of our products are approved by reputed organization like C-DOT, DOT,  etc

Sholex Advanced MSP Super Charger makes our UPS Systems different from others because of its unique charging method which extends the battery life with very low maintenance

Sholex Sine Wave System gives you nonstop protection for all your valuable appliances with its super silent  operation.

All  Sholex sine wave UPS systems come with an intelligent monitoring LCD display which makes it truly user  friendly, which in turn avoids unnecessary visit of  service person.

Home Ups

  • DSP based sine wave UPS.
  • Fullfeatured LCD display.
  • Wide input mains operating range.
  • Intelligent 5 step charging.
  • Microcontroller based battery management.
  • Charges even deep discharged battery.
  • Fast switchover avoids rebooting of PCs.
  • Automotive / Tubular battery selector switch.
  • Aesthetic and elegant look.
  • Temperature controlled fan operation.
  • Audio alarms for low battery & over load.
  • No humming noise on both charging & inverter mode.
  • High efficiency UPS.
  • Auto reset for over load.